Meet Christy...
Christy was rescued with her kittens outdoors fending for herself. Her kittens have now moved into new homes, but Christy is still waiting. She is semiferal, but she deserves to be happy like everyone else. She would like a safe barn home or indoor/outdoor home....more info
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The Advantages of Adopting an Older Pet

Senior cats and dogs are often the least desirable to a potential adopter when they enter a shelter or rescue situation, but sadly they are among the most often surrendered. Many people are too apprehensive to take on an elderly cat or dog; they may be emotionally concerned about the amount of time they would have with an older pet. It could also be that they are financially concerned that they may not be able to afford the obligations that accompany an elderly pet. Elderly cats and dogs can be wonderful companions. Often they are already trained, housebroken, and do not have behavioral issues such as chewing, scratching, or climbing (curtains, legs, etc.). If cost is an issue, keep in mind that all cats and dogs will age, just as we do so it is important to prepare financially for your pet’s golden years just as you prepare for your own. One advantage to adopting an older pet is that they are most often spayed or neutered already and if you want a declawed cat, you can easily find one that has already been done. If you need another incentive for adopting a senior animal, Forgotten 4-Paws has a program for senior (human) citizens who adopt senior pets called “Seniors 4-Seniors Program” in which we cover all of the medical costs for the senior pets for the remainder of their lives. Please email for more info.
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