Meet Bo...
Bo is a great cat who is warm and friendly with cats and people. We do not know how he would do with dogs. He deserves a wonderful forever home and is patiently waiting. He has been with us for way too long, please consider this treasure of a cat for your own home....more info
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wine tasting

Forgotten 4 Paws is Hosting its Third Annual Wine Tasting

Forgotten 4 Paws is looking forward to its third annual wine tasting event at The Meza in Westerville. The event will be held Saturday January 24th from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m. We will be sampling 5 wines at a fee of $25, appetizers will be provided and a free raffle ticket will be included for a chance to win 5 bottles of wine (the same wines which we are tasting) . There will be other items up for raffle and additional tickets will be available to purchase. For those of you who haven't previously attended, the event is a lot of fun in a very classy, laid-back atmosphere. Come and join us for a great cause!! No RSVP necessary.
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